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Star Trek Minimates are Beaming In!


The latest Star Trek film was a blockbuster tribute to the original Star Trek TV series as well as the early Trek films, so we've decided to pay a little tribute of our own! DST is proud to announce the return of Star Trek Minimates, as well as our first-ever Star Trek Minimates vehicle -- the biggest Minimates Vehicle yet!

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Marvel Comics has been intriguing, startling and generally shaking up their readers ever since the launch of the Marvel Now initiative, in which books changed creators, teams changed rosters, and (of course) heroes changed costumes. Now, Diamond Select has picked some of their favorite characters and given them all-new, all-Now figures for Marvel Minimates Series 16 at Toys "R" Us!

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Tomb Raider Minimates Series 1 is Digging In!


The excavation has begun! The first series of Tomb Raider Minimates, based on the latest game in the fan-favorite Tomb Raider franchise, has begun rolling out to stores, and we've got new pics of the specialty assortment and the upcoming Toys "R' Us assortment!

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Iron Man 3 Minimates Hit Stores This Week!


The third Iron Man film is finally here, with a star-studded cast of characters and an array of awesome armors. But where can you find a toy line that will allow you to bring home all of the characters and armors in the movie? The Marvel Minimates line, naturally! And the first assortment hits comic shops May 8th!

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